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Welcome To Visions Unlimited

Relax, Reflect, and BREATHE! Register today for a weekend of rejuvenation at a Visions Unlimited Outdoor Retreat. I am your guide, Twyla, and I welcome you to the website for Visions Unlimited! This company was birthed from my desire to have a tangible place where initially women, and secondarily young ladies and males would have a time in space to exhale, and without interruption examine the course their lives are taking. Personally, I feel that our work and family regimes if not given careful thought, will take over the course of our lives and lead us off the path of destiny with just a completed “to-do” list in hand. I desire for everyone to depart from each retreat empowered to reshape time without walls and limitations.


 Rockfish Camp and Retreat Center is nestled on 486 acres in the Sandhills region of North Carolina at the intersection of Hoke, Cumberland, and Robeson counties. It borders the picturesque Lake Upchurch. Accommodations range from hotel style rooms to cabins, with conference rooms for more formal meetings, a dining hall without culinary limitations, and outdoor adventures led by an accomplished staff to meet the needs of all ages. 

 While enjoying the limitless beauty in God’s serene outdoors, prepare to live your life with an expectation of success on the basis that everyday has miracle working capacity. Take time to plan your dreams at Rockfish, they may just manifest! 

Upcoming Spring Retreat 2018
May 18-20
Parkton, North Carolina

Visions Unlimited

My experience at Rockfish Camp was something I will never forget. The women learned to come together as one unit and operated in one spirit. We found time to sit and encourage each other, which was an awesome sister builder. I’m looking forward to going back to lift my sisters up again in unity. The activities and the staff were amazing! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was prepared with excellence. I’m in awe of Camp Rockfish and the sisterhood that was sparked during our stay.”

- Shamecca 2016

“The women’s retreat is a must for anyone who needs to take a breather from the everyday work routine. This retreat allowed me and many other women to explore and relive the parts of ourselves we usually bury during work, or being a mom or wife. We were able to laugh freely, connect with others, and be one with not only ourselves but also with God. Whether it was from being told a snake was in the mud and that forced you to  pray for help and speed, or just enjoying the view and all of nature’s small treasures, you will definitely pray and be thankful.”

-Dennisha 2016

 "Until I planned this retreat for the first time I had never attended one, but followed God’s lead every step of the way. I had the most amazing time of my life and want nothing more than to share this experience with you."

- Twyla 2017


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