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 Visions Unlimited Women’s Retreat will incorporate the great outdoors and activities such as fishing, pool time, zip-line, rock climbing, fire building, trail hiking, environmental education classes, and cooking outdoors to bring you closer to the true you that may need awakening.

If you rarely make time for yourself, but find that you are in a constant cycle of pouring out and never being refilled, let Visions Unlimited provide a landscape for your “ME” time. Under the backdrop of perfected nature, water sports, time of reflection, and honest conversation you may find the courage to redefine your reality.

2018 Spring Women's Retreat


May 18 - 20

I believe that each one of us was designed to bring something to this universe in a fashion at a time that none other can accomplish. And since there are time limits on our lives, we have not a moment to waste towards providing the world with what it anticipates from our design. Visions Unlimited is dedicated to extracting the best you! I had to do this for myself out of a pit of disaster and mismanaged decisions, so it is my life’s work to stretch others into their destiny.

Retreat Activities

Arts & Crafts
Rockwall Climb & Zip-line
Outdoor Wilderness Living

Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. Historically it has been used for hunting and combat, but at this retreat it is used for bragging rights! I bet my arrow hits the target more times than yours!


 The Rockwall Climb and Zip-line is a favorite of previous retreat participants that challenges one's strength and will. Even though each participant is secured by harnesses that are regulated from staff on the ground and above, this task demands a will that just won’t quit. Of course power in your core is needed but not a must. Those that completed this challenge were fearful of heights, new to the entire ordeal, but most importantly decided in their mind that quitting was not an option. So through screaming out for direction to staff on what foot to move upward next, and shouting from the tower that they were scared to “zip”, what mattered most was completion.  Just imagine if those principles were applied to your challenges? If you’re ready, Visions Unlimited is waiting…LET’S CLIMB


Outdoor Wilderness Living is one of my favorite projects because it requires maximum group effort for goal satisfaction. For example, Rockfish has a seesaw so large it holds the weight of over 15 persons and the challenge was for all participants to climb on without the sides touching the ground. They also have a human spider web slightly above ground level in which all participants were required to enter without touching the robes that contain it..good luck with that! Learning how to make a fire was so necessary in the woods and a win-win for all!

I'm an image title
I'm an image title
Camp Fire

Is it just me or does everyone like Arts and Crafts time? This is a great moment to sit under the brisk air conditioned indoors and create. After all, each one of us is really a child at heart!


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